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“Resuscitation and reanimation of the pediatric critical care patient represents in a real sense the resuscitation and reanimation of the potential not only of a given critically ill child but also of humankind itself.” From Chapter 1, The Pediatric Critical Care Patient by Jerry J. Zimmerman, Pediatric Critical Care, 2nd Edition (Bradley P.Fuhrman & Jerry J. Zimmerman)

In Scotland, paediatric intensive care service is commissioned by the National Services Division (NSD-NHS Scotland) and was designated a national service in April 2007. There are 2 PICUs providing paediatric critical care service in Scotland-at the Royal Hospitals for Sick Children (RHSC) in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

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The Royal Hospital for Sick Children (RHSC) is a 141-bedded hospital and is the main paediatric teaching hospital for the South-East of Scotland and is a tertiary referral centre for intensive care patients: gastroenterology, hepatology & nutrition; respiratory medicine; cardiology; nephrology; neurology; oncology; haematology; neonatal surgery; plastic surgery; orthopaedic surgery; urological surgery and general surgery.

The Edinburgh PICU (EPIC unit) has 10 paediatric intensive beds, 10 high dependency beds and 4 neonatal surgical cots and admits about 600 critically unwell children from across Scotland each year.

Feedback on this new website will be welcome- email Dr Umair Khan (Umair.khan@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk). Trainees/ Clinical fellows/ Consultants who wish to do a clinical attachment or sabattical within the PICU at RHSC please email Dr Catherine McDougall (Catherine.McDougall@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk) and Dr Jillian McFadzean (Jillian.McFadzean@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk)

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