Paediatric Critical Care Nursing Education

Paediatric Critical Care Nursing Education

This module was set up in 2017 under the NHS collaborative agreement with Edinburgh Napier University and is accredited at degree level. It was introduced in partnership with an adult branch of the critical care module delivered at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. There is a demand for ongoing education delivery to nursing staff who have had prior paediatric intensive care experience and wish to access further learning opportunities. The module was designed to enhance their knowledge and clinical practice. The intention is to provide students with knowledge of advanced critical care nursing. The aim is to engage students in a number of different learning experiences that will develop and enhance knowledge, clinical skills and technical abilities.

The module is taught fully in-house by skilled members of the critical care team. It consists of a pre-course systems based workbook, seven study days incorporating the fundamental aspects of paediatric critical care and simulation sessions. Each study day focuses on a specific organ system or critical care modality including transport and trauma. Clinical workshops encompass management of neurological monitoring, haemofiltration, recognition of the deteriorating patient and ethical dilemmas within critical care. The assessment criteria is an observed structured clinical examination (OSCE) and the achievement of ten work-based core competencies. The students are also expected to complete a case presentation which is then written as a reflective essay.

Students complete a survey and provide verbal feedback following study days to enhance further education provision. Clinicians within intensive care have noted enhanced clinical knowledge, an increase in confidence in patient care, communication and decision making in the students that have completed the module.

Elisabeth Sullivan ( Senior PICU Advanced Nurse Practitioner) has been running this module with PICU team annually and with the positive feedback and continuing enthusiasm, looks forward to continuing it in the future.

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